This domain belongs to and is a representation of Vedrica Circle, a body Vedrica was started by that has been the essence of our community since day one. Since all members have been unilaterally removed from the Secretary of State's LLC record by Joanna Castro, Vedrica Community and its Circle are not associated with Vedrica Forest Gardens, LLC.

The vision of Vedrica is to co-create a community of people living in harmony and balance with each other and nature. Our dream was inspired by the Ringing Cedars of Russia book series which we strongly encourage everyone to read, especially those considering joining us.

We are in the process of creating something inspiring and joyful - a settlement harmonizing and balancing the diverse energies of the members into a grand and beautiful living mosaic of family domains. Our vision is a result of collective efforts of the members currently involved in Vedrica. As other members join us, their input and energy will add to and modify our vision to include their unique input. As a result, Vedrica is a living and evolving community combining the energies that are present in the group and on the land.

We intend to create our settlement to live in harmony with nature. Living this way we awaken our Human abilities to Create, and live the divine purpose. We envision a settlement nurtured and stewarded with love. There are spaces of love with trees, ponds, flowers, fruits and beautiful shelters.

Our land has everything to achieve our dream. There are grassy meadows, diverse tree species, and a creek running through the land year round. At night we see the lights of the cosmos, and we hear the joyful sounds of nature.
We aspire to be in conscious awareness of what we are carrying in our life. We take full responsibility for what we bring to our settlement. It is our intent that everything we bring and everything we do nourishes us and the land.
We see nature as the primary teacher for us and our children. Children are precious and valued and are the inspiration for the living art we create with our spaces of love. We are a living natural academy that supports each other to increase the connection and relationship with the earth and cosmos. By sharing, teaching, and guiding we become a living example of our evolving relationship with nature from survival, to joy, to divine.

Vedrica Forest Gardens is open for more families/individuals who share our values and goals and would like to join our Community.

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